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I am currently employed (I receive recurring income).

I make more than $1200 a month.
I have an active checking account  that I use frequently.
I have an active bank account that   my income is deposited to directly.
7 days family
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Do You Need Cash Right Away? PayDay Advance is the Solution!

If you have a steady job and a checking account in a bank, you are already pre - qualified to borrow 25% of your biweekly or 50% of your weekly salary! At UltimateMoneySource.com, we provide a cash advance online service to satisfy all your needs for immediate cash risk free, no hassle.

If you are qualified for an instant paycheck advance, there will be no delays, frustration or needless paperwork! You can be given your money the next day and you can get back to us for your money time and again, any time you need it: our payday loans are fully renewable and extendible. We only charge $25 on $100 borrowed for the two weeks period!

So, if you need money right now, why dont you apply for your PayDay Andvance Today - your money can be put to your checking account the very next morning: successful applicants are literally getting the cash in 24 hours! It is time to get the money YOU need when YOU decide. And, it is only a few steps away from this point.

Banks and Other Lenders Turned You Down? No Worries Now!

That's right, no need to worry any more, becasue we do not do credit checks, so even if you asked your bank for a small loan (or some other loan provider) because of a poor credit history, but were turned down, feel free to apply for a cash advance at UltimateMoneySource.com. Again, there are no credit checks, long applications or frustrating paperwork. Everything is done online. It is Fast, Safe and Easy.

Still hasitating? It is absolutely Risk Free: you can get your payday loan ASAP by simply Clicking Here and filling out a brief application form. It is 100% secure and confidential. Your personal details are encrypted (you can see it as "https://" secure data transfer protocol in your browser address line) and is stored in a secure location.

Our Live Customer Support is Availbale 12 Hours a Day!

We are proud to provide a top quality live customer support at all stages of your loan application, Monday to Friday 8:00 to 20:00 EST. So, why not try it risk free right away: all payday advances and payday advance extension requests that are submitted by 11:00 EST are processed the same day and your money then can be in your bank the next day!

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